Call scripts and reminder services

Here are three resources with phone numbers, scripts, etc., to help you make those all-important calls to our legislators.

Put in your location, they generate the 5 most important calls for you to make. They have call scripts and tips (“calls should take 1 minute or less”, etc.).

The 65
The65 has weekly actions, and they have call scripts organized by topic for those who want to make calls on other issues. If you’ve been looking for something that can provide you with a guide for national action, this is one option.

Weekly Resistance Online
Similar to The 65, WRO has weekly actions. They have different actions than The 65. They also organize a targeted give to a prescreened organization each week.

Please use your own judgment about giving them your personal information like an email or phone number. This information came from the post Activist activators for Trump resistance.