Expired: No ACA Repeal without Replacement

EXPIRED – link kept for reference

Recommended Action
Contact our U.S. Congresspeople to tell them how important it is to you that they not repeal the ACA without having a replacement passed at the same time.

Tell them what you think a replacement should include: subsidies, coverage for pre-existing conditions, mental health care, birth control, cost control for pharmaceuticals, bans on balance billing, whatever you think is important.

Links for Action
U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski

U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan

Congressman Don Young

Backup that led to this action
The ACA is an important piece of legislation that reduces people’s misery, even though it’s still a market solution and not perfect from any perspective.

Senate to vote on Obamacare repeal budget next week – From last week, this is just about the timing.

Obamacare Repeal Might Have Just Died Tonight – Note that I don’t know this publication and can’t vouch for its quality, but this piece talks about how all it will take to save the ACA is for 3 Republicans to hold out and no Democrats to cave. It also says Lisa Murkowski is important:

Portman, Collins, Cassidy, and Murkowski have not joined the other three in formally opposing any bill that repeals Obamacare without a replacement. But their willingness to buck their party leadership and try to delay a vote that McConnell hopes to rush through as quickly as possible indicates severe reservations about repeal and delay. Meanwhile, numerous Republican governors — who don’t have a vote on it but can nonetheless exert pressure — are lobbying Washington Republicans to protect the parts of the law that their states rely on.

Here’s a bonus link, in case you would like to contact Gov. Walker and ask him to join the No Repeal without Replacement effort: Governor Walker’s Feedback Form.

Date Posted
January 10, 2017

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