Expired: Attend Women’s March at Capitol

EXPIRED – The time for this action is past, but information has been retained for reference.

This action may be called the Women’s March, but it is for everyone: Women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights!

What: Women’s March

Date: Saturday, January 21

Time: 9:00 AM

Where: Alaska State Capitol Steps, Juneau


More Information:

AWARE, Inc. is proud to host the Women’s March on Juneau on Jan 21st, an all-inclusive event where we can network with each other and show our strength through unity.

Our current plan for the day:

  • 9am- Meet at the steps of the Capitol for a short rally.
  • 10am- Meet at the JACC For a live streaming of the happenings at the DC rally as well as local conversations with women’s organizations with more information for how to get involved and help enact change at a local level.
  • 1pm- Clean up!

If you are interested in helping please contact Becca at beccag@awareak.org

We are especially looking for help with set up, clean up, and networking with women’s organizations across all cultural and religious spheres!