Chair’s Corner

Welcome to my inaugural “Chair’s Corner,” a weekly blog post on the Tongass Democrats’ new and improved website.

I plan to use this space to provide useful information about the Tongass Democrats and what we’re up to, as well as messages to encourage and inspire readers to be progressive activists at the local, state, and national level.

I’ve never written a blog before and am still wrapping my head around how best to use this space. This week my focus is “Stronger Together,” Secretary Clinton’s campaign slogan, which I feel is an inspiring mantra following the November 8 election.

What now?

November 8, 2016, is a day many of us would like to forget; a day that turned our nation on its head and did a complete 180 u-turn from the trajectory many of us thought our country and planet were headed.

Many are asking “What do we do now? What is going to happen to our country, our loved ones, our planet?”

For me, I am focusing on trust – my trust in reasonable Americans. I trust that we will gather, knowing we are stronger together. We’ll figure it out, and get back on track. I am also leaning heavily on the optimism and hope President Barack Obama has shown us these past eight years, taking his inspiration, knowing we are stronger together, and moving forward.

Remember the good

We cannot lose sight of the fact that a few successes did come out of the November 8 election. Alaska’s House Districts 33 and 34/Senate District Q are now represented by three great Democrats!

Congratulations to Representativeelect Justin Parish who ran an inspirational grass-roots campaign to unseat entrenched Republican House member Cathy Munoz in House District 34! And congrats to Rep. Sam Kito III for his successful re-election bid.

Moreover, 22 House representatives have established a majority bipartisan coalition — 2 Independents, 3 Republicans, and 17 Democrats! Each of these 22 majority legislators believe they must put Alaskans – not political idiologies – first. They believe they are stronger together, and that through compromise and hard work, they will make the tough decisions necessary to put Alaska’s financial house in order.

Support the ones we are counting on

The newly formed House majority bipartisan coalition will need our help. I encourage readers to send a quick email to these 22 legislators, thanking them for putting politics aside and doing what’s right for Alaskans. Ask to get on their legislative email list so you know what they’re doing and can hold them accountable.

Offer your support. They’re going to need it.  Below are the House majority members’ official email addresses, as well as the campaign email addresses for our new Representatives who have not yet taken office.

Drop them a note of thanks. They’ll definitely appreciate it.

So with optimism and hope in your heart and mind, I encourage readers to focus on the positives (there definitely are some): reach out, gather, get involved, support our new House Majority, and know that we are absolutely “Stronger Together.”

And throughout the darkness of our holiday season, let’s bring light by being kind, thoughtful, and grateful for what we have.

Until next week….

Nancy Courtney

Chair, Tongass Democrats

(907) 321-2285

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