A Time to be Seen

I have no beautiful words to make you enjoy going to a rally – I cannot give what I don’t have. I can only tell you that it feels important for us to be seen today.

I can only say that as a very privileged person, I am going to be there to show that what matters to marginalized people matters to me too.

I can only say I anticipate that we will all be treated respectfully by the police and any counter-protesters, and I am going so that I can add any protection my presence might give. Which is probably not much, but it is what I have. 

Here, Rolling Stone has good writers. One of them interviewed a person who is apparently famous. Padma Lakshmi said some things I feel:

“This is not an anti-Trump rally for me. This is about decency and having a moral core. … This moment is important to speak up for all Americans because our politicians work for us. They decide where our money goes, our tax dollars go, and they define who we are in the world, as a nation and as a people. And we cannot let that power be thrown away, because if you do, it will be very hard to regain that power. It is my right as an American and as a taxpayer, to hold my lawmakers accountable and I intend to do that in every lawful and peaceful way that I am able.” – Padma Lakshmi

So, 9:00 AM. Alaska State Capitol steps: where the parking will be atrocious, and the weather will be awful, but the company will be good.

See you there,

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