Tea Cup Reads for a Last Sunday

Here are some things for you to enjoy with your Sunday morning tea. But, first, let me: 1) remind you there’s a rally at 11 this morning for the Affordable Care Act and you should go; and 2) mention 2 tools I’ve added to the site.

GovTrack.us: A way to track how our Congresspeople are voting.
You can find it on the menu under the Get Involved button. I’ve got links there to the records for Rep. Young, Sen. Murkowski, and Sen. Sullivan.

Take Action Now menu button
When I know of something specific and timely, I’ll put it up here. It won’t be every week, and it will sometimes have national items and sometimes local ones. When it’s over, I’ll mark it as “Expired” but leave it up for reference.

And now, for our feature presentation – 
With session starting next week, we’ll pretty soon have a lot of Alaskan political news. For this week, though, we only have the gender police in Anchorage for Alaska news, and so I included a couple of important national pieces as well.

Seriously, Anchorage, this again? Ugh – some people need to stop fantasizing so much about other people’s giggly bits. “Group seeks vote on changing Anchorage gender-rights law.

We can’t let Trump’s unethical behavior become normal for us, even if journalists fail to cover it. From Amy Siskind:

“Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember. Here’s my list for week 9:”

Her whole Facebook feed tracks Trump failures, ethical and otherwise. Talk about these, please.

Also, while I’m at it, here is the Sunlight Foundation’s page on Trump’s Conflicts of Interest.

Prefer to listen to podcasts? Try Politics and Reality Radio: it’s like listening to what the news would sound like if we had a liberal media. I particularly recommend the January 7, 2017 edition, which talks about resisting Trumpism. There’s an organizer featured who had some useful bits for us.

On the lighter side
And, in the spirit of celebrating that We the People are whole humans, with interests outside of the necessary work of governance, here are three things I’m giving you just because I liked them, and I hope they bring you joy:

  1. Ever had to read a stack of resumes? This software engineering company tried asking people to describe things they’d built instead, and the results were interesting.
  2. This extraordinarily charming child has read more than 1,000 books. She’s 4. The Library of Congress recently let her be a “Librarian for a Day,” because awesome things happen every day. Especially at libraries.
  3. This is lowbrow and hilarious: Children taking instructions too literally. “Keep your eye on the ball.”

Have a good day,

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