Why you should join me at the ACA rally tomorrow

The Bad News: The U.S. House and Senate last week voted to begin the process of killing the ACA; the procedural bill had no replacement healthcare plan and no requirement that a replacement be enacted before the ACA ended.

The Good News: This is just the beginning of the fight, folks, and you have a chance to join the contest tomorrow.

What: Tongass Young Democrats rally in support of the ACA

Date: Sunday, January 15 (tomorrow!)

Time: 11 AM – 12 PM

Where: Alaska State Capitol Steps, Juneau

Level Up: Invite a friend!

Read on to see what our delegation did.

Repeal and Replace? Just kidding!
Sen. Murkowski, Sen. Sullivan, and Rep. Young all voted to end the ACA without ensuring that a replacement was ready to go.

Remember that.

This vote should haunt them for the rest of their political lives – they should be reminded of the risk they thought it was OK to take with 20 million people’s health at every town hall, every public appearance, every AMA they host. And if no replacement comes or if it hurts people, they should be made to explain that every time they set foot in public.

Also specifically refused by Republicans: a non-binding amendment agreeing on the principle of the pre-existing conditions coverage requirement. And one to support keeping the provision allowing kids to stay on their parents’ plan until they’re 26. Oh, they also wouldn’t agree to sign on to the idea of protecting the Medicaid expansion, the contraception coverage requirement, CHIP, or expanding veterans’ access to care. Details here.

So what I’m saying is: Show Up
Have you been wondering how to make a difference? Here’s a start.

It’s part of a larger movement, and it’s important. The reason it’s important is that you can’t fake public involvement -if you don’t care, neither will politicians.

Show up, and while you’re at it, come say hi to me.

We can huddle for warmth.

– Mary 

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