Going to the CBJ Assembly meeting on Monday? These links might be useful.

I’ve recently spoken with several people who are interested in helping Juneau out by becoming more active at the Assembly level. Since Monday is the regular monthly meeting, I thought I’d point out some of the great resources that the CBJ provides to help people participate.  

CBJ Assembly Calendar: This has all of the regular meetings of the full Assembly, as well as any special meetings and committee meetings.

CBJ Agendas and Minutes: Note that this page covers committees as well as the full Assembly.

KTOO covers Assembly meetings; did you see Jacob Resneck’s nice piece on the anti-camping ordinance?

Speaking of which, I believe that the anti-camping ordinance was deferred to February’s regular Assembly meeting, which is Monday night (2/13/17). Oddly, I was unable to find Monday’s agenda at their Agendas and Minutes page linked above; perhaps it has not yet been posted or I missed it due to my critically low caffeine level this morning.

My opinion is unchanged since my original opinion piece. I’m against it and believe CBJ is already working on better ways to serve all of the stakeholders, including homeless people, business owners, police officers, downtown residents, and visitors. For full disclosure, here is the information that the CBJ kindly provided in response to my email and the update about the January Assembly meeting.


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