Meeting reminder(s) and site maintenance alert

Meetings coming up this week
The regular monthly business meeting for Tongass Democrats is held the first Thursday of every month. So, that means we all get to see each other this Thursday, March 2, at 5:15 PM at the IBEW hall (813 W. 12th St., Juneau).

Also, while I was at the protest rally at noon on Friday, I found out that we have a local Indivisible chapter. [As an aside, there were 3 protests on Friday, and I find  myself deeply surprised that I have to specify which rally I attended in Juneau on a particular day. I don’t believe I’d ever gone to a protest before this year.]

Indivisible isn’t affiliated with Tongass Democrats, but I’ve heard that a lot of Democrats are interested in it and thought I’d pass the information along. According to the Juneau Indivisible Facebook page, they have a first meeting coming up this Wednesday.

I’m going to encourage you to go to their Facebook for the Indivisible meeting details to avoid confusion in this post.

Site maintenance
You might have noticed a few oddities this last week at If not, I’d love to be able to pretend there weren’t any, but sadly there were.

Long story short: We’re planning a full makeover later this spring, and I’ve been doing some prep for it. This stuff was supposed to be behind the scenes, but it turns out that a few things peeked out from behind the curtain!

For example, the Facebook connection got cut for a while. It should be fixed now, and on the up side, there might be a couple of posts up that you haven’t seen.

If you subscribe by email or through WordPress, your subscription will be migrating over in the next week; apologies about the delay. Again, the idea was for this to be invisible, but the reality is that I missed a step in the conversion. Sorry about that; I’m learning on the job.

Thanks so much for bearing with us as we make these improvements!

I hope you have a great week,
– Mary
Web Administrator

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