The work continues

Today’s short note is a reminder that, even though some really horrible candidates were confirmed in Cabinet-level positions last week, there are still more horrible candidates in line! And, as a special treat: there are also awful bills 🙂

You may be feeling like your voice doesn’t matter now, because we lost last week. In fact, it matters even more. Why? Because no one expects us to keep going: they are counting on the protest energy to peter off.

Here’s a snippet provided by someone who attended a Republican precinct meeting in California (after you click the link, you’ll need to scroll down to get to the update):

They laughed at the Indivisible Guide when one leader said “the Liberals will never get organized and carry any of this out, the snowflakes give up too easily, “a little heat and they melt.”

Whatever form your activism takes, I urge you to continue – keep up the pressure and pile on!

Here are some tools that might help.

Calling? Here is a link to one of our resource pages. It has three choices for services you can use to find issue-specific scripts, phone numbers, and strategies.

Keeping up with issues? In addition to the link in the last paragraph, here are a couple of sites that track what our Congresspeople are doing: Countable and GovTrack.

Do you need some other resource? Leave a message below or contact me with our Contact Form, and I’ll see what I can find.


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