EXPIRED Action Alert: TrumpCare is bigly bad

Republicans have filed bills in both houses of Congress to “replace” ObamaCare with some version of TrumpCare, and through I’m sure you will be shocked to hear it, they’re so bad that Trump doesn’t even want his name on them. I’m reading that there’s a major effort to get things rammed through quickly, which is never a good sign.

Long story short: it’s important to make calls to our Congresspeople now. Here are some resources that will help.

There are several groups that provide phone numbers and calling scripts for different issues. You hit the link, choose your issue, look through the script – then you have all you need to make a call.

Here are two of the services that I have personally used. On days when I’m feeling more fiesty, I like Option 2, because I feel like it is a tiny bit faster. On days when I need a bit more support to make calls, I like 5calls better. Your mileage may vary, so choose whatever works for you.

Call Option 1: 5calls.org
As of this writing, there are three different call scripts about different aspects of the ACA/healthcare in their menu. Click on any one of them and read their backup information about why the call is important. You’ll put in your zip code, and they’ll give you phone numbers, a photo of the person you’re calling, and a script that you can read.

Call Option 2: thesixtyfive.org
Thesixtyfive refers to the number of millions of people who didn’t vote for Trump. They have one main issue per week, and they helpfully provide separate scripts for Congresspeople who are for or against the issue. They also give a shorter background on the issue than you get from 5calls (so it’s a bit quicker). You get phone numbers of who to call based on your zip code. If you want to make more phone calls, they also have a button you can click for more issues.

Is calling tough for you due to social anxiety? Here’s a resource from someone who has it; maybe it will help.

Let me know how it goes in the comments! – Mary


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