Four pieces to summarize what’s up with Obamacare this morning (and a link to help you do something about it)

This is just a quick set of links so you can get the skinny on the new Congressional Republican plan for U.S. healthcare.  I grabbed two pieces of mainstream journalism and two opinion pieces to help cut through any media overload you might be feeling (or is that just me?).

Naturally, the paper of record has a decent story on it that covers the main points. They also put together a very nice table of what parts of Obamacare stay and what goes.

Paul Krugman thinks it’ll result in the famous “death spiral” (he’s referring to the cost of premiums, but since all indications are that it will cover fewer people … ).

I’m not ordinarily a fan of the site Vox, but here’s a surprisingly sober description of the new Republican plan. There’s plenty of opinion in it, but as I said, it looks like a fairly sensible analysis to me.

Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore?
Seems like a good time to make a few phone calls. Here are some resources for citizen activism: click any one of the links for call scripts and phone numbers at your fingertips!

Hope the rest of your day has better news,
– Mary

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