Here’s the headline I hope to see: “Anchorage progressives lead the way”

I saw something the other day that really caught my attention, and not in a good way. Check this out, from the Alaska Dispatch News:

Voter turnout is likely to be low in Anchorage’s upcoming local electionWhen that happens, the inside game grows large.

The ballot includes only candidates for the Anchorage Assembly and School Board and basic bond issues, plus an initiative to reverse an Assembly decision to open up the taxi industry. It lacks hot issues that could bring out voters beyond the committed core.

Besides, candidates and other political types say voters generally are burned out on politics after a year of big elections. [Emphasis mine. – Mary]

Language like that really burns my biscuits, folks: every progressive I know is eager to get to the polls and turn this ship around! Of course, I don’t live in Anchorage, but I have a hard time believing that they are any less energized than we are.

I hope that in a couple of weeks, the ADN sings a different tune about turnout. Let’s look for headlines that say “Anchorage progressives flood the polls, leading the way to a better future for Alaska!”

Looking for more information about the Anchorage municipal elections?

  • Alaska Democrats has voter information, including a list of Democrat endorsed candidates.
  • The Municipality of Anchorage Elections page seems very complete and well done.
  • Balletopedia has a page on these elections, including a rundown of who is running against whom.
  • Interested in LGBTQIA news? Dan Savage recently pointed out that Alaska has never had an openly gay elected official, according to the national Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, but that may soon change.

– Mary

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