CBJ Assembly Goals

Juneau: beautiful even when the weather isn’t. Image courtesy Mary McRae.

One of the really nice things about living in Juneau is that CBJ does a good job of providing information about what our governing body is up to. For example, you can easily find dates, times, locations, and agendas of Assembly and committee meetings, as well as Assembly member contact information.

Here is another example that I wanted to point out, the 2017 Assembly Goals. Read on for more.

The Assembly has 5 goal areas and a total of 25 different items. The online document looks to me like a summary, as it doesn’t include a timeline or specific actionable items; however, it does include a status that they appear to update monthly.

Here are the overall goal statements:

  • Housing – Assure adequate and affordable housing for all CBJ residents (5 subitems)
  • Economic Development – Assure Juneau has a vibrant, diverse local economy (9 subitems)
  • Sustainable Budget and Organization – Assure CBJ is able to deliver services in a cost efficient and effective manner that meets the needs of the community (4 subitems)
  • Community Wellness/Public Safety – Juneau has a local environment that is safe and welcoming for all citizens (6 subitems)
  • Other (1 subitem)

This is a statement about your Assembly and the work they plan to do; indirectly, it is a statement of their vision for our shared community. Do you agree with the items on it? Are there things you want to be involved in? If you were on the Assembly, would anything be different?

I’ll be at the monthly Tongass Democrats business meeting tonight, and I hope you’ll be there too!
– Mary

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