Chair’s Corner: Welcome HD 33’s newest State Central Committee member, Will Kronick!

The Alaska Democratic Party – specifically Tongass Democrats’ House District 33 – has a new Young Democrat serving on our State Central Committee. His name is Will Kronick, he resides in downtown Juneau, and we are very pleased to have him join the TD and ADP team!

As I’ve shared in past blog posts, the ADP’s State Central Committee (SCC) is the party’s governing body. Members are elected from all 40 House Districts at the biennial district caucuses held in even years, and serve two-year terms.

Every hello has a goodbye
Since 2014, House District 33 has been fortunate to have Greg Smith serve as its SCC Young Democrat. Greg has been a huge asset, bringing a pragmatic, progressive voice to our membership and the SCC.

As Chair of the SCC LGBTQ caucus, Greg lead the formulation and adoption of a non-discrimination resolution which includes sexual orientation and gender identity. Although Greg may no longer serve as HD33’s SCC Young D, we know he will be here to help the TDs whenever called upon.

Thank you, Greg, for your service!

The process
Upon Greg’s resignation in January, we took immediate action to the fill the seat, so that House District 33 would have full voting representation at the SCC meeting in May. Based upon the process laid out in the ADP’s Plan of Organization [content note: Word document], we held an election to fill the seat for the remainder of the term, which will end at the 2018 District caucus.

At our April business meeting, members nominated two great Young Democrat candidates: Laura Steele and Will Kronick. The candidates provided written introduction and intention statements, said a few words, and answered some questions. Upon consideration, the membership elected Will Kronick to fill the seat. We thank Laura Steele for her interest in the seat, and trust she will find many other ways to get involved in and support the Tongass Democrats and the Alaska Democratic Party.

Meet Will
So, a little about Will. Here’s the written statement he provided for his candidacy:

Hi, I am Will Kronick and I am still new to Alaska and Juneau. I moved to Southeast three years ago to climb mountains and to paddle the ocean. A college friend lured me to Sitka with impossibly beautiful photographs. I stayed because I found my home.

In Sitka, I worked as the family engagement coordinator for the Sitka Tribe of Alaska. I moved to Juneau a year ago to work as caseworker at Tlingit and Haida and now I coordinate our suicide prevention program. My family still lives in Tennessee, but my mom is in the process of moving to Juneau. In my spare time, I adventure outside and coach youth soccer.

I want to serve as the District 33 Young Democrat because I believe that political action through the Democratic Party is the most robust guarantee for a decent future. The last two months have been both terrifying and inspiring. The Right dominates most political institutions, but our nation and Juneau have seen an explosion of political action.

I now start every week at a vigil for refugees at the capital, where I see hope in the people braving the chill air and early hour. I am interested in the Young Democrat position because the families with whom I work depend on sustainable fiscal policy and just social programs. By working with and organizing for the Alaska Democratic Party, I hope to build off of the hard work that put a prudent majority in the House and to continue to build a future for all Alaskans.

In preparing this piece, I asked Will to get me a quote to include. Since I didn’t clarify, he provided two quotes, one from himself, the other from someone else:

 Will Kronick: “I look forward to working with a party dedicated to all Alaskan families. By working together, we can make a state where every family has life of dignity and security.”

 Will’s favorite quote, from Ella Baker: “Strong people don’t need strong leaders.”

Welcome, Will! We look forward to engaging your Young D mind, drive, and direction to move the Tongass Democrats and Alaska Democratic Party forward.

Until next week….
Nancy Courtney
Chair, Tongass Democrats
(907) 321-2285

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