UPDATED: ACA repeal back on the table in the Senate

UPDATE: Sen. Murkowski voted No and Sen. Sullivan voted Yes on the motion to proceed. It is important to take the time to thank Sen. Murkowski and say “shame” to Sen. Sullivan for their votes, and to urge them to vote No on the actual bill (whatever it is) when it comes up for a vote. Phone, fax, and email contact information in this piece. – Mary 

Sadly, we can’t delete Sen. Murkowski or Sen. Sullivan from our speed dial yet.

Politico reports that the Senate will vote this Tuesday on a procedural matter that will determine whether or not a vote on their ACA repeal (or possibly repeal-and-replace) bill can happen.

With the Senate Parlimentarian ruling that Planned Parenthood can’t be defunded in the bill, will Senator Murkowski feel that she has to change her vote to yes?

Here’s who Topher Spiro is: Center for American Progress

the bill is still a secret
The contents of the current Senate version have not been made public – here’s a very readable article on that, this one in the L.A. Times. The money quote, as far as I’m concerned:

As the Senate hurtles toward a potential vote next week to roll back the Affordable Care Act, Republican lawmakers still don’t know what legislation they will consider or what impact it could have on health coverage for tens of millions of Americans.

Republican national leadership will never stop trying to undermine or repeal the ACA, because the only rights they seem to believe in are the ones that involve carrying guns and not baking cakes.

what I said last week is what I’m saying this week
So, keep it up, folks: if Sen. Murkowski or Sen. Sullivan are going to vote against your best interests, make them cheat you to your face.

  • Are you a caller?

Protip: if the voicemail box is full, try another office. In the past, I’ve found that the Fairbanks voicemail often has room even when D.C., Juneau, and Anchorage voicemail boxes are full:

Lisa Murkowski
DC phone: (202)-224-6665
Anchorage phone: (907) 271-3735
Fairbanks phone: (907) 456-0233
Juneau phone: (907) 586-7277

Dan Sullivan
DC phone: (202)-224-3004
Anchorage phone: (907) 271-5915
Fairbanks phone: (907) 456-0261
Juneau phone: (907) 586-7277

  • Can’t call? Don’t let anyone tell you that writing doesn’t work!

Here are links to email: Lisa MurkowskiDan Sullivan

  • Like to cause maximum inconvenience?

Here’s a guy who recommends faxing a letter to provide a physical presence for your opinion in their office.

And, conveniently, here are the fax numbers you’ll need:

Lisa Murkowski
DC fax: (202)-224-5301
Anchorage fax: (877) 857-0322
Fairbanks fax: (907) 451-7146
Juneau fax: (907) 586-7201

Dan Sullivan
DC fax: (202) 224-6501
Anchorage fax: (907) 258-9305
Fairbanks fax: (907) 451-7290
Juneau fax: (907) 586-7201

Stay strong, stay brave, and stay loud!
– Mary

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  1. Mary says:

    As of 5:20 AM on Monday 7/24, Lisa Murkowski’s Anchorage voicemail box is full. I was able to leave a message at 907-586-7277. Dan Sullivan’s Anchorage voicemail box was not full and I was able to leave a voicemail there.

    Good luck!

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