How about we call it “disruptive innovation” instead of “whoops, I broke the site”?

I joined Jesse Kiehl, our CBJ Assembly member running for re-election this fall, and the “Kiehl-mobile” for yesterday’s parade! Hope your 4th was safe and fun, too 🙂

Apologies for the crickets you’ve been hearing around here: I was traveling for a couple of weeks and, unfortunately, we found some bugs in the system that I had set up to take over while I was gone.

Or, as Mr. Edison* might have said, “We learned a new way to not keep the website running smoothly.”

The good news is: we’ve got some great content you haven’t seen.

The bad news is: you can’t see it until next week.

Read on to see what we’ve got coming up …

I’m going to need some time to get things back up and running, so expect limited posting through Sunday. Then, you can look for –

  • an opinion piece by Kim Metcalfe that we all need to read several times,
  • information about the Tongass Democrats’ Year of Kindness project, and
  • hopefully (fingers crossed!) an interview with Rhonda Butler, President of Alaska Native Sisterhood Camp 2.

I’m also cautiously optimistic that we might receive an update on the status of the 2nd Special Session from one of our friends in the legislature, but no promises on that one yet.

This particular part of the work of democracy
This last trip showed that I need to share the fun of running this site, so if you are interested in helping out, drop me an email. Website administration and/or writing experience is a plus.

And, when I say “fun,” I actually do mean that it is for the most part a very pleasant activity.

See you all at the Tongass Democrats business meeting on Thursday,
– Mary

* Apparently, in the January 1921 edition of American Magazine, Thomas Edison said:

“After we had conducted thousands of experiments on a certain project without solving the problem, one of my associates, after we had conducted the crowning experiment and it had proved a failure, expressed discouragement and disgust over our having failed to find out anything. I cheerily assured him that we had learned something. For we had learned for a certainty that the thing couldn’t be done that way, and that we would have to try some other way.

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