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As you may know, the Juneau Police Department instituted a Year of Kindness here in Juneau starting in January. In May, the Tongass Democrats voted to participate by doing a drive for Front Street Clinic (Facebook). Our drive starts in two weeks; read on to find out what we are doing and how to help out!

What is Front Street Clinic (FSC)?
Front Street Clinic (official name: Front Street Community Health Center) provides health care without regard for their patients’ ability to pay.

FSC is located downtown, and whether or not you have insurance, they will help you. Serving homeless folks is one of the main things they are known for, and as a part of that, they maintain a small stock of personal care items that they will give away to patients in need.

Tongass Democrats stepping up
The week of August 7 – 13, Tongass Democrats members will collect the personal care items that FSC uses.

The list of items:

  • Sample sized soap, shampoo and body lotion
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Disposable razors
  • Combs
  • Reading glasses
  • Item most needed: New-in-package socks, men’s and women’s

How the drive works
We decided to be creative and give people different ways to participate. If you want to be a part of helping out this great group, you can:

  1. Be a group organizer by leading a drive with your social group(s). For example, a member of a local faith community has said that he will be asking other members to bring donation items to their service during the week of our drive. He’ll collect and deliver the items.
  2. Be a table captain or sign up for a shift at a local business. Table captains make the arrangements for permission to be at the store, coordinate shifts, and arrange for donations to be dropped off at FSC. Let us know if you want to have flyers to hand out to shoppers, saying where in the store they can find the items that FSC needs.
  3. Bring items to donate to the August 3rd Tongass Democrats meeting. I and my co-coordinator Will Kronick will deliver them. Remember, FSC can only accept the items on the bulleted list above, so no clothes (other than new socks), shoes, etc.

Sign up to be a group organizer or table captain today!

– Mary

PS: If you have a minute, you might want to send a quick thank you to the Juneau Police Department: the Year of Kindness initiative was a great idea!

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