Chair’s Corner: Finding the DNC’s message

I’m a political junkie, plain and simple. I read and watch far too much political insight and analysis.

Some of it is actually useful information I should know about, such as how much the Russians interfered in our 2016 national election and how little the current administration is doing to fight against it happening again in 2018. But so much of it is unadulterated garbage focused on the vitriolic, childlike temper tantrums that occur daily in the Trump Administration and Republican led Congress.

Unfortunately, in all the political information I take in, I see and hear nothing from the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Where is our message and who is getting it out?

America needs to hear our big ideas
It seems to me this is a most opportune time – when the national Republican Party is crumbling right before our eyes – for the Democratic Party to go on the road, talk with Americans, and invigorate them with a strong Party message. America needs to understand why it’s imperative that we elect Democrats to Congress, State legislatures, and governorships in 2018 in droves, to turn around the direction President Trump has the country headed – and quickly.

The DNC’s platform states clearly what the party stands for and what Democratic candidates and representatives fight for. But it has felt to me like there’s no one out there selling the message. If they are, I surely haven’t seen or heard it.

All I’ve seen is Democratic leaders talking against the Trump administration and Congress, not FOR Democratic values.

And our Democratic values are valuable and GOOD. These are just a few of the critical planks in the DNC Platform:

  • Restore Economic Security for the Middle Class
  • Create Good-Paying Jobs
  • Remove Barriers to Opportunities
  • Protect Voting Rights
  • Combat Climate Change
  • Provide Quality, Affordable Education
  • Ensure the Health and Safety of all Americans

These values are the core of what it means to be a Democrat and what we should all be fighting for.

I believe all the vitriol, infighting and backstabbing in politics these days has forced the general public to run headstrong away from political parties. But do they actually know the Democratic Party’s message and what we stand for? If they did, I believe more than a majority would support our efforts.

Where I found our message
In my frustration of not hearing anything about the Democratic Party message at the national level, I went searching for it. Here’s what I found: The Democrats on YouTube and Democrats Live! I certainly missed the memo on these sites (clearly I’m not a YouTuber and I’m guessing many of you aren’t either).

Wow! What a treasure trove of messaging from the DNC about what Democratic Party leaders are doing, sharing the Party’s message, and why people should support what the Party stands and fights for.

I am grateful the DNC has new leadership in Chairman Tom Perez and Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison. From these videos, I see they are out there, talking with Americans about the DNC’s message, which is great. But as a political junkie, I believe the discussion must be elevated to a much higher level if we are to win future elections.

Here’s a thought…. Perhaps the DNC should recruit Joe Biden to be the Party’s “Informer-in-Chief,” to travel the country to talk with average Americans, to share the Party’s message from coast to coast, in the heartland, the north, and the south. The Democratic Party stands on the right side of history, but our message is not getting out. Joe Biden is loved by so many and would be a great “Informer-in-Chief” for the Party!

I hope you will take some time to check out the DNC’s Platform, The Democrats on YouTube, and Democrats Live. And if you’re on Facebook and you haven’t already, Like the DNC’s Facebook page. It has loads of information too!

I hope these links will get you invigorated (or reinvigorated) about what it means to be a Democrat and why we must vote Democrats into Congress in 2018 and the Presidency in 2020!

Until next time.…
Nancy Courtney
Chair, Tongass Democrats
(907) 321-2285

The views in this opinion piece are those of the author. They are not official positions of or the Tongass Democrats.

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