Alaska Democratic Party Code of Conduct

Today’s post is to inform you of a major step recently taken by the Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) to institutionalize an important ethical commitment. The Party has adopted an enforceable Code of Conduct that, I feel, takes us miles ahead in terms of leveling the playing field for historically disadvantaged people. 

Willie Anderson, a Tongass Democrat and member of the ADP Executive Committee, graciously provided an introduction. Mr Anderson is a retired labor organizer in  Alaska of 30 years, the former Gore and Kerry State Coordinator, and a member of the Alaska Democratic Party Executive Committee.

Thank you, Mr. Anderson. – Mary, Website Administrator

In response to the recently exposed misconduct of political figures at all levels around the country, the Alaska Democratic Party adopted a Code of Conduct in late November 2017. This Code applies to members of the party and any campaign that buys-in to our coordinated campaign or the party’s voter support.

ADP is only the second state party in the United States to adopt such a policy, and we will continue to monitor this policy in an effort to improve it. Please read and review the Code of Conduct; we welcome any feedback that you have.

– Willie Anderson, Member, Alaska Democratic Party Executive Committee

Alaska Democratic Party Code of Conduct

The Alaska Democratic Party consists of a diversity of professionals, volunteers and community members from all over Alaska to promote a truly representative Democratic Party open to all who support its principles. The Alaska Democratic Party pledges to make every effort to encourage maximum participation in the political process. Community Members fulfill many roles, including mentoring, teaching and connecting with other members of the community. Diversity is one our biggest strengths, but it can also bring increased communication challenges at times.

The Alaska Democratic Party convenes in many physical and virtual spaces. These guidelines may be used in any physical or virtual location where members of the Alaska Democratic Party have gathered and/or are collaborating when conducting Alaska Democratic Party business. However, events that take place in public spaces, such as conferences and meetings, will generally have their own code of conduct and/or similar community Guidelines. As such, the Guidelines for a specific event should also be followed.

These guidelines apply to all members of the Alaska Democratic Party. In the interest of
fostering an open and welcoming environment, all members are responsible for making
participation in Democratic organizations a safe, positive and productive experience for

The Alaska Democratic Party is committed to these guidelines. When appropriate, its state and local bodies will exercise their rights as deliberative assemblies to hold members accountable for serious or repeated violation of these guidelines. For example, a member who violates these principles at a state or local party event and/or meeting may be asked to leave the event. A member who continues to violate these principles or whose violation is especially severe in nature may be asked to leave the organization. In all cases, due process will be followed and ADP grievance procedure will be available.

The following list is intended to clarify expectations so that the Alaska Democratic Party
community can collaborate effectively. Specifically:

Responsibility for Open Communication and Positive Collaboration

  • Listening is a vital skill and worthwhile practice;
  • The work of the Party is collaborative; one person’s work will affect the work of others;
  • Careful deliberations on decisions includes considering the effects of decisions on other
  • Disagreements serve to clarify different perspectives on an issue. Working to solve them effectively will strengthen the organization and provide for open dialogue;
  • Striving for open, inclusive, positive language will promote participation.

Responsibility for Creating a Culture of Respect, Inclusion, and Equity

  • Choose welcoming, respectful and friendly language;
  • Assume good intent on the part of other speakers and participants and invite clarification of their positions if necessary;
  • Respect the dignity and recognize the merit of every individual;
  • Make a personal commitment to be nonjudgmental;
  • Honor the group by engaging in processes that will move forward the discussion and
    decisions in question;
  • Ensure that all forms of communication are honest, open, and non judgmental.
  • Steps should be taken to accommodate live streaming by announcing to members that
    live streaming will begin or take place. Do not publish photos, videos, and audio of others if they object or ask to be excluded.

Responsibility to Ensure One’s Own Safety and Create a Safe Environment for Others

  • Respect the personal space of all, including prudent use of physical contact;
    Clearly indicate your discomfort to unwanted physical contact and/or improper language;
  • Recognize the signs that might make a person unable to provide reasonable consent or
    objection to physical contact;
  • Protect those who may be unable to provide for their own safety;
  • Be prudent with the use of substances that could reduce your sobriety;
  • Take a leadership stance when witnessing inappropriate, sexist, racist language,
    harassment, and/or behavior that victimizes another such as bullying, groping, assault, by a) notifying appropriate authorities and/or b) filing a grievance with the Alaska
    Democratic Party.

This Code of Conduct may be revised and amended at the discretion of the Alaska Democratic Party Executive Committee and the Alaska Democratic Party State Central Committee.

Adopted by the Alaska Democratic Party Executive Committee November 29, 2017.

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