Bartlett-Gruening Dinner Tickets

The Tongass Democrat’s Bartlett-Gruening dinner is being held Wednesday, April 3rd. That’s next week! Are you serious about electing Democrats? Do you want to change Alaska and prevent the election of right-wing, radical, Koch-funded political operatives who want to destroy our state? Are you deeply disturbed by a governor who wants to de-fund education, Medicaid, the ferry system, and who refuses to make industry pay their fair share? Then you will surely want to buy a ticket or a table for the Tongass Democrat’s dinner party.

Proceeds from the dinner are used to elect Democrats from around the state. Do your part and have fun at the same time! We have a great line up of speakers and you’ll get to hang with a 100% liberal crowd! Call or text 907-321-2936 or email We will deliver tickets to you!

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