Tongass Dem News and Legislative Updates!

AT OUR RECENT Tongass Democrats’ meeting it was announced that the Alaska Young Democrats will hold their first ever YD Convention on May 11th in Fairbanks. Here’s some information from the YD’s Facebook page:

“Alaska Young Democrats (AKYD) is excited to announce our Inaugural State Convention for young Democrats and progressives across the state. More than ever, young Alaskans must organize to rally against state-level budget cuts, prepare for the 2020 elections, and fight for our future. The event will include trainings on advocacy and campaigns, Alaska politics, and creating regional AKYD groups; speakers from local activists and politicians; and opportunities to connect with young progressives across the state….”

Check out the entire YD announcement at, and if you are a young Democrat (35 years old or younger) or a young progressive who would like to attend, please register. Financial aid is available:

ANOTHER ITEM discussed at our meeting was our semi-annual clean up day. Many years ago local Democrats “adopted” the area of highway from the Department of Labor & Workforce Development building, 1111 W. 8th Street (near the Douglas Bridge and whale statue) to the Prospector Hotel. This year the Tongass Democrats will join other community groups in Litter Free’s annual cleanup day. We will meet at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 20th at the DOL&WD parking lot. Please join us as “many hands make light work!” Bring heavy duty gloves and appropriate footwear and outerwear. Litter Free provides trash and recycle bags.

OUR EXCELLENT Democratic legislative delegation is fighting hard to stop the draconian budget cuts put forward by Governor Dunleavy. Here are links to newsletters by Rep. Story, Rep. Hannan, and Senator Kiehl. Please subscribe to their newsletters to get the latest information from them.

Representative Andi Story’s latest newsletter.

Representative Sarah Hannan’s:

And Senator Jesse Kiehl’s:

HERE IS THE legislative committee meeting schedule for the week of April 8th through April 13th:

THE BARTLETT-GRUENING dinner was a smashing success! We had a wonderful line-up of speakers and attendance was awesome. Special thanks goes out to all who participated, everyone who attended, and those who donated funds and their time.

WE ARE WORKING on additional fundraisers. We are up against an unprecedented onslaught of money being shoveled into our state by out-of-state interests including the billionaire Koch brothers. As you know, the Koch brother’s group, Americans for Prosperity, recently hosted meetings around the state featuring Governor Dunleavy and members of his administration, to discuss the state’s financial future. They imposed strict registration requirements, and reserved the right to throw people out who didn’t comply with their rules. Conservative groups also poured money into Anchorage’s recent municipal election. We need to fight them, and unfortunately, we need money to do so. Look for announcements of upcoming events. And if you would simply like to donate, you can write a check in care of the Tongass Democrats, P.O. Box 210961, Douglas, Alaska 99824. Or to the Alaska Democratic Party at 2602 Fairbanks Street, Anchorage, Alaska 99503.

THANK YOU for everything you do!


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    Great round up – thanks! I made a donation via Act Blue online 🙂

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