Join the Protest–Stop the Bans National Day of Action

A demonstration will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21st, at noon at the courtyard in front of the Dimond Courthouse, to protest abortion ban legislation that has been introduced in 15 states. This is a national day of action and demonstrations will be held in all 50 states.The Juneau demonstration is being organized by Samantha Cox and Alyson Currey. Currey is the legislative liaison for Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii. Cox is a local pro-choice advocate. Bring a sign of your own or get a pre-printed sign at the rally from Planned Parenthood.

Although the bill introduced in the Alaska Legislature by Rep. Eastman has no chance of passing (thank you Rep. Ivy Spohnholz!), we must be vigilant! As Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank stated in his op/ed column today, “…[Trump] rewarded pro-life advocates for their support with two new justices, vetted by the conservative Federalist Society, and likely an antiabortion majority on the high court. Now, pro-lifers are predictably testing to see how far they can go in reversing Roe v Wade….”

We must demonstrate that we will not go back, and we stand strong against attempts to gut Roe v. Wade. I hope to see you there!

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