Alaska’s Fair Share campaign kicks off tonight!

Vote Yes for Alaska’s Fair Share will hold a campaign kickoff event from 5:30-7 p.m. tonight at the Hangar Ballroom.

There will be opportunities to sign the ballot petition, meet with campaign leaders and talk more about what the ballot initiative will do for Alaska!


  • Robin Brena (Campaign Chair/ Alaska Oil & Gas Attorney)
  • Nate Graham (Communications Director)
  • Rep. Justin Parish
  • Ken Alper (Former Tax Division Director, Alaska Department of Revenue).

What: Vote Yes for Alaska’s Fair Share Campaign Kickoff/ Signature gathering event

When: 5:30-7 p.m. tonight.

Where: The Hangar Ballroom

About: The Fair Share Act will:

  • Only apply to oil fields that produce 40,000 barrels of oil a day and have produced over 400 million barrels of total oil.
  • Repeal the per barrel tax credit on Alaska’s largest and most profitable oil fields. This will bring in an estimated $1 billion in additional revenue for Alaska.
  • Permit Alaskans to know the revenues, costs, and profits for each of the legacy oil fields.
  •  Only permit costs related to our largest and most profitable legacy fields to be deducted from our share from those fields.

“The modern Alaska that we see today was built by Alaska receiving a fair share of its oil revenue. The University of Alaska system, The Alaska Marine Highway, Power Cost Equalization (PCE), and even the Permanent Fund would not exist without Alaska receiving a fair share” – Robin Brena (Chair- Vote Yes for Alaska’s Fair Share)

Please contact Nate Graham with any questions. 253-905-0975 or

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