Letter from the Editor

Happy New Year! OK, that might seem like a strange post for February, but as this is our first post of the year, it seemed appropriate.

Why is it the first post? Because my computer – a sexy little vintage 2009 hot rod – was no longer able to connect to the website. The only reason we are back online is the generosity of another Tongass Democrat. Thanks, W – you made a big difference, and I am so, so grateful!

For those who are new, Tongass Democrats is a volunteer organization of Democrats in Alaska’s House Districts 33 and 34 (which make up Senate District Q). Geographically, that means the communities of Covenant Life, Douglas, Excursion Inlet, Gustavus, Haines, Juneau, Klukwan, Lutak, Mosquito Lake, Mud Bay, and Skagway.

Among other things, this means that we have links in our menu bar so you can find out who your local legislators are and how to contact them, look up the voting record for our Congresspeople, and find our calendar of events. If there’s something else you’d like to see added, drop me an email.*

As for me: I’m Mary, and as of late last fall, I am the chair of the Website Committee and hence, editor of this fine corner of the internet. Nice to meet you.

Volunteer in 2020
TongassDemocrats.com is entirely written and managed by volunteers. Want to help us give our readers accurate information and considered opinions of Democrats living in the region and around the state? Write me here to find out more.

One specific need we have right now is for a new CBJ meeting announcement volunteer, because the wonderful and talented volunteer in charge of it was recruited for a job in Anchorage!

Estimated time commitment: About 30 minutes per week. This volunteer goes to official CBJ sites, and fills in a template with the next week’s meeting names, times/dates, and links to agendas (if available). CBJ does maintain a calendar, but folks have found these weekly summaries to be motivating and helpful. These posts will go up on Fridays again as soon as we have a new volunteer.

I look forward to serving and hearing from you in 2020 and beyond,

* As a head’s up, I don’t check this email address daily, but you should hear back within a week.

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