2020 Alaska Democratic Party Primary

Did you get one of these? If not, check your voter registration!

In the next week or so, every registered Democrat in Alaska should receive a postcard from the Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) that looks a bit like the one in the picture.

A couple of details are important here:

  1. As I understand things, this card is only going to registered Democrats, so if you think of yourself as a Democrat but are registered as nonpartisan or undeclared, you won’t receive a card.
  2. People who get a card will get a ballot for the primary in the next couple of weeks. The ADP is encouraging everyone who gets a ballot in the mail to vote by mail instead of voting in person. Mail in ballots have to be postmarked by March 24th.
  3. The primary will be conducted with ranked choice voting. Keep in mind that when the ballot was designed there were 8 candidates, but five of them have withdrawn! More information about ranked choice voting and a sample ballot are available here: https://www.alaskademocrats.org/2020-presidential-primary.
  4. If you want to vote in person, you can do so on April 4th.
  5. If you believe that you are a registered Democrat but do not receive a card like the one in the picture, check at the official State of Alaska Online Voter Registration system (OLVR) at this address: https://voterregistration.alaska.gov/

OLVR will let you register as a new voter – OR – update your voter registration information, including party registration. So, if you’ve moved or want to change your registration, that is the place to go; 4-6 weeks after you make a change in OLVR, you’ll get a card or letter from the State letting you know it was processed. You’ll need your Alaska driver’s license number, by the way.

Mary, Editor

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