TD Times 5/1/2020

Good Morning Tongass Democrats and Friends,

It’s already May Day – and we have a lot to catch up on! I hope you’re all doing well and getting some fresh air (while remaining socially distant!). Last month we wrapped up our vote by mail primary and our virtual caucuses. This month we’ll be hosting our monthly business meeting and State Convention virtually.

These are all new grounds for us and the party – we’ve had some bumps on the way but we’re learning as we go and working together to move us forward. We appreciate everyone’s patience through the process and hope you tune into the upcoming events below!

2020 House District Caucuses

Here are the results from our Presidential primary – we hit a record number of ballots cast! This is surely due to the vote-by-mail and when we closed in-person (due to COVID-19 concerns) we made ballots available online. With those results we held our normally unified caucus by house district instead and elected officers, and delegates for the upcoming State Convention.

If you’re interested in being a delegate please let us know: we still have some slots open! There is a fee to register (to keep the lights on) and if you cannot pay there are folks working on financial assistance.

I would highly recommend this opportunity – I started to get involved in 2016 when I volunteered to be a delegate to the State Convention it was a crash course in the party process. I learned a lot, met some good folks, and found resources to help organize and get informed.

Our newly elected House District Officers!

HD 33 – Officers
Chair – Monte Brice
State Central Committee Member – Wayne Howell
Young Democrat – Will Kronick

HD 34 – Officers
Chair – Willie Anderson
State Central Committee Member – Cindy Spanyers
Young Democrat – Monica Southworth

Virtual Monthly Meeting – Thursday May 7th – 5:15 pm

Since we were unable to get together with both House Districts we did not conduct Tongass Democrats business. This upcoming virtual monthly meeting, we plan to vote on whether to stay a unified district (HD33/HD34) and vote on our executive committee.

Tongass Democrats Officers –
Chair – Edric Carrillo
Vice-Chair – Brenda Knapp
Treasurer – Will Kronick
Secretary – Elisa Gaytan

We’ll be using Zoom for this virtual meeting. It also has a number to call into if you don’t want to use your computer.

Just to air on the side of caution (as we don’t want any “zoom bombing“) we aren’t going to publish the link. We will reach out to our normal attendees with the information and anyone who receives this email or hears about it can simply email us or contact an officer to get the information.

We’ll be doing some organizational votes at the start of the meeting and go into preparations for the State Convention. We hope you can join us and let us know if you have any questions!

Alaska Democratic Party Virtual Convention – Saturday May 16th 10 am – 5 pm

Join us for the ADP Convention! This is the big event that happens every two years where we convene somewhere in Alaska and hear updates from folks across the state from legislators to a member doing something cool for their community. This year we were set to go to Fairbanks but the world had other plans. We’ll be joined by hundreds of Democrats across the State – you can register here. [Link will open a Google Doc.]

Thanks for all your support,
Edric Carrillo
Chair, Tongass Democrats
Senate District Q/House Districts 33 & 34 

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