Next Meeting: August 5, 2021

We voted to cancel the July Tongass Democrats meeting, so we will see you in August. Also, will be on hiatus until after the meeting; check for city meeting information.

Click through for the information you need to attend the August meeting!

Date: Thursday, August 5th
Time: 5:15 PM

This will be a blended in-person/Zoom Tongass Democrats Meeting! We will be meeting at our usual spot (pre-pandemic) at the IBEW Hall (across from Harborview Elementary) at 5:15 pm. As we step back into meeting in person IBEW does have some rules we will have to adhere to – in order to ensure future use of the hall please read them below.

Housekeeping with the IBEW Hall – COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

  • We ask that you limit the number of participants to 25 and under to help maintain social distancing.
  • Face Masks are required while inside the facility at all times.
  • No food or drink permitted for consumption while inside the facility with water being the exception.
  • No access to the office spaces of the facility – Main Hall and bathroom access only.
  • All surfaces must be wiped down prior to departure from the facility – wipes are provided.

In order to give access to everyone outside of Juneau we will still hold the meeting over Zoom (see below). We’ll likely have volume issues as it’ll just be Edric on Zoom with a laptop – so be patient as he tries his best to restate questions/comments as we go.

Contact Edric at for instructions for the Zoom meeting.

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