Statewide Pat Chesbro for U.S. Senate fundraiser Oct. 5th

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flyer for Pat Chesbro for US Senate fundraiser

Virtual Statewide Fundraiser for Pat Chesbro for US Senate Wednesday Oct. 5, 6:30 – 7:30 PM.

Stalwart Gustavus Democrat Wayne Howell says: “I am co-hosting this fundraiser because I believe in Pat’s platform of sustainable economic development, unflinching support for abortion access, protecting our environment for our children and grandchildren, equal rights for all Alaskans, and curbing senseless gun violence in our communities.

Pat will be there to talk about her campaign and why you can rank her #1. But Pat needs our help in getting her message to all Alaskans.

Please register to attend this zoom fundraiser here. If you can make it, you can still help by donating here.”

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